Our mission is to provide the security industries most professional security services available by delivering the most capable and professional security personnel, while operating with the highest transparency to our clients.

Our Primary Focus for security is to provide close personal protection for our clients, their assets and their projects whether they are in the board room or in a hostile area. We do this by continually updating our Risk Analysis Plan, Threat Evaluation Scenarios and Vulnerability Assessment Plans.

Cochise provides corporations and governments of any size a secure and risk assessed environment to complete their business effectively, timely and securely. Below is a comprehensive list of the security services and training disciplines we provide. We provided detailed, skilled, diligent and well trained personnel to provide a solid platform in order to allow the client to achieve their mission, tasks and goals. We achieve this through solid customer focus, flexibility, local knowledge and due diligence.

Standards Cochise Capabilities
Local operations and Oversight Cochise operates throughout the country and has close relationships with critical regional and tribal elders, facilitating recruitment of local guard forces. This enables locally recruited guard force supervised by international security professionals.
Training & Cultural Awareness Company personnel receive training in security operations, cultural training, and civil and criminal liability under US and Afghan laws. Rigid training standards requiring dedicated personnel during mobilization phases.
Right Sized Staffing Capability Removing overhead burden is key to a cost effective Management solution. Upon Contract Award our management element will expand current operations only growing when required by Task Orders.

Cochise MTS, Inc. (Cochise) was established in 1996 by founder, CEO and President Colonel Jesse L. Johnson, (Ret.). Cochise has performed special training missions to the Royal Saudi Airborne Ranger and Special Forces School and Brigade in Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cochise conducted special security missions in Iraq under the direction of the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Cochise Organization currently has offices in Kuwait, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and Beirut. His experience and knowledge of the Middle East Region's culture, military organizations, and methods of operating has been an invaluable asset to his activities.


Jesse L. Johnson served a distinguished military career spanning 34 years on active duty. He spent the majority of this service in Airborne and Special Operations units. His deployments and overseas service include: Germany, Vietnam, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Iran, Grenada, England, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. While Col Johnson served in the 101st Airborne Division, he deployed to the Republic of Vietnam with the Airborne Brigade of the 1st Air Cavalry Division. As a Sergeant First Class (E-7) he received a direct commission to the rank of 1st Lieutenant for combat actions during his tour in Vietnam and served another tour in Vietnam as a Company Commander and Staff Officer in the 9th Infantry Division. His military career has led him to service in SHAPE Headquarters in Castau, Belgium; the 509th Airborne Combat Team, Vicenza, Italy; command at the 325th Abn Inf, 82nd Airborne Division and completion of the Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas and Canadian War College at Kingston, Ontario.

Colonel Johnson served as the Deputy Commander in the Armyís elite DELTA Force at JFK Special Warfare Center at Ft. Bragg, N.C. During this time he participated in the Iranian Rescue attempt, the Granada rescue of the American Medical Students and the search for Brigadier General James Dozier while he was a captive of the Italian Red Brigade Terrorist Organization.

Colonel Johnson has commanded and served in other elite forces to include commanding the 10th Special Forces Group (split between Ft Devens, MA and Bad Tolz, Germany and command of SOCCENT (Special Operations Command of Central Command) Mac Dill, AFB, Florida. While SOCCENT commander he deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm.

His military decorations include the Distinguished Service Cross, the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Three awards of the Silver Star, the Soldiers Medal, four awards of the Bronze Star, two awards of the Legion of Merit, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Master Parachutist Badge, the Free Fall Parachutist Badge, and the parachutists badges from Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, Kuwait, the United Emirates and Qatar and numerous other service medals. Civilian decorations include the Gold Medallion and Seal from the Central Intelligence Agency and the distinguished recognition from the Common Wealth of Massachusetts. His civilian education include a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from the University of Tampa, Florida, a Masters of Arts Degree in International Relations from Boston University and an Honorary Doctors Degree (LLD) in Laws from Boston University.

His military activities have been defined in 21 books to include Its Doesn't Take a Hero by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Every Man a Tiger by General Charles Horner and Tom Clancy. One of the major highlights of his military career was a the Commander of all Special Operations Forces during the First Gulf War (Desert Shield and Desert Storm) which included the liberation of Kuwait City.

During Colonel Johnsonís military career he received over 70 awards and decorations to include:

  • The Distinguished Service Cross
  • The Defense Distinguished Service Medal
  • Three awards of the Silver Star
  • Two awards of the Legion of Merit
  • The Soldiers Medal
  • Four awards of the Bronze Star
  • Three awards of the Purple Heart and numerous other awards to include the parachutist badge from Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Civilian awards include: Student of the Decade University of Tampa, Florida; Gold Medallion and Seal from the Central Intelligence Agency and a special award from the Governor of Massachusetts for work on the Vietnam MIA/POW support. An Honorary Doctor of Law from Boston University.

Civilian Education includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in History: University of Tampa, Florida
  • Master of Arts Degree in International Relations: Boston University
  • Doctor of Laws, LLD, (Honoris Causa) Boston University.
  • Portions of Colonel Johnsonís career have been featured in 21 books. Eight of which are listed below:
  • The Year of the Horse. By Colonel (Ret) Ken D. Mertel
  • Secret Warrior. By Steve Emerson.
  • The Guts to Try. By Colonel (Ret) Jim Kyle
  • It Doesnít Take a Hero. By General H. Norman Scwarzkopf
  • Days of Fear. By John Levins
  • Certain Victory. By Brigadier General Robert Scales
  • Crippled Eagle. By Colonel (Ret) Rod Lenahan
  • Every Man a Tiger. By Tom Clancy and General (Ret) Chuck Horner
  • The Johnson business (Cochise MTS) has offices in Tampa, Florida; Washington D.C., Bagdad, Iraq; Kabul & Kandahar, Afghanistan; Kuwait City and Beirut.

Cochise MTS Inc., a world-wide security, logistical and consulting provider offers a wide variety of skilled and experienced subject matter expert (SME) personnel capable of providing senior management oversight, training, consulting, QA/QC functions for operational controls and to provide direct operational day-to-day assistance to any corporate business unit operating in a hostile or hazardous environment. The following is a list of General Subjects and Mission Type Activities that may be taught by Cochise training personnel. Additional items may be added as required and requested.


  • VIP Protection Training
  • Counter Terrorist Training
  • Military Tactics Training
  • Military Leadership Training
  • Operations and Force Development Training
  • Coalition Warfare Training
  • Anti-Terrorist Training
  • Marksmanship Training
  • Parachute Operations Training
  • SCUBA Operations Training
  • Survival Skills Training
  • Force Integration Training
  • Vulnerability Assessments Training
  • Command, Control and Communications
  • Conduct Deep Strike Operation into enemy territory Training
  • Establish safe areas, establish methods of Escape and Evasion Training
  • Mission Analysis Training
  • Security Training
  • Close Quarter Battle Training
  • Demolition Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Rappel Training
  • Sniper Techniques Training
  • Vehicle Assault Training
  • Counter IED Training
  • Team and/or Mission Planning Techniques Training
  • Seize Strategic Targets by Sea, Air or Land Training
  • Conduct Cross Border Operations Training
  • Conduct Long Range Reconnaissance Training
  • Report Enemy locations and movements Training


  • Defend Strategic Areas, Key Installations Training
  • Off Shore Oil Platforms, Off Shore islands training
  • Keep Sea Lanes open training
  • Evacuate key personnel as required training
  • Conduct Vulnerability Assessments of Key Installations training
  • Organize Resistance Units to achieve maximum capabilities from resistance personnel training
  • Report Enemy Location, Equipment Disposition, Movement and Intention Training
  • Direct Close Air Support (CAS) and Naval Gunfire support Training
  • Assist in recovery of downed friendly pilots Training
  • Assist in guiding friendly attacking forces if necessary training
  • Conduct Urban and Desert Operations Training
  • Support in Disaster Relief operations training
  • Conduct Counter-Terrorist Operations.
  • Advanced Skills Training
  • Sniper/counter sniper operations training
  • VIP Protection Training
  • Rescue Operations Training
  • Disrupt Enemy Communications Training
  • Blend into local populace and conduct military activities training


We design and deliver security measures, ranging from short term ad hoc missions to long term complex highly demanding security plans. We are able to mitigate risks to provide the most effective security at an affordable cost. Threat are ever evolving we keep track of ALL the changes to the threat and update tactics, techniques and procedures to meet this risk.

  • PSD/VIP Protection
  • Static Site Security
  • Evacuate key personnel as required
  • Low Profile Movements
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Conduct Vulnerability Assessments of Key Installations
  • Bank Security
  • Defend Strategic Areas, Key Installations, Off Shore Oil Platforms, Off Shore islands.
  • Airport Security

  • Hostage and Ransom Negotiation Services
  • Transportation Security
  • Medivac Services
  • Establish safe areas, establish methods of Escape and Evasion.
  • Assist in recovery of downed friendly personnel
  • Support in Disaster Relief operations
  • Travel advisory services
  • Maritime Operation


Cochise recognizes the importance of effective management. Decisive management, coupled with clear communications, is critical to conducting successful operations in challenging environments. Cochise has the capacity to effectively manage contracts of significant magnitude while providing effective line management to their guard forces.



Our key goals in providing security services are to utilize the highest caliber personnel to provide countrywide security.


Quality is viewed from two perspectives: the actual production of quality work and the perception on the part of recipients of our work, whether internal or external, that a quality product has been delivered. Substance and perception are of equal value.


Client needs are anticipated and actions are identified to satisfy their ultimate goals.


New ideas include technical processes, product innovations as well as concepts designed to control costs with efficiency and within our quality objectives.



Progress only occurs if we are honest with ourselves and each other.


Employees communicate constantly with each other and with anyone who could have a bearing on their work.


Critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of leaders and managers is the understanding that their authority comes not from their position, but from colleagues' respect for their performance.


Financial and operational success is a result of actions taken by company employees collectively. Allowing our clients to understand how we do business in order to evaluate their risk mitigation is a key component to our collective success.


We will embrace all the work we perform with passion. Without enthusiasm, the attention to detail which is the difference between mediocre work and quality work will be absent. Have passion!